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By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you become part of our fishing family. Welcome aboard, fellow fishing enthusiasts! Accastillage Bernard is your one-stop shop for all things nautical and adventurous. By accessing or using our website, store, or services, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


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Terms & Conditions for Anglers & Adventure Seekers

1.  Eligibility & Access

To embark on this aquatic journey, you must be at least 18 years old or have parental/guardian consent under 18. Furthermore, we welcome all anglers, from seasoned skippers to curious minnows, but international customers must comply with local fishing regulations.


2. Securing Your Catch

To access certain features like wishlists and order history, you might need an account. Keep your login details safe – it’s the bait that protects your “catch” of online information. We encourage a strong password and two-factor authentication for maximum security. More so, remember, you’re the captain of your account!


3. Casting Your Line

Share your fishing stories, gear reviews, and epic catches! We love user-generated content (“User Content”), but make sure your contributions are relevant, respectful, and free of hate speech, plagiarism, or illegal content. Think of it as your lure – captivating and responsible, attracting positive vibes only.


4. Navigating the Waters

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about our products, but we’re not infallible. Think of us as your experienced fishing guide, pointing you in the right direction, but don’t hesitate to research specifications and confirm compatibility directly with manufacturers. Additionally, Accastillage Bernard won’t be held liable for minor discrepancies.


5. Settling the Bill

Some services, like personalized rod recommendations or custom lure kits, might require additional fees. Consider it an investment in your next trophy catch! More so, we reserve the right to adjust fees, but you’ll always be notified beforehand.


6. Reeling In or Casting Off

Sometimes, the journey ends. We may terminate your access for serious violations of these Terms, inactivity, or other necessary reasons. We also reserve the right to modify or even close the store if needed. But fear not, we’ll provide reasonable notice before pulling the anchor. Returns are welcomed within (specified timeframe) in unused condition with original packaging. We offer exchanges or refunds as per our return policy. Remember, communication is key – contact us for precise details!


7. Legal Currents

Imagine a legal compass guiding us. These Terms and your Accastillage Bernard experience will be governed by the laws of (State/Country), excluding conflict of laws principles. If any squalls arise, we’ll try our best to resolve them amicably. However, if necessary, we’ll settle disputes through binding arbitration in (City, State/Country).


8. Terms Evolving Like the Tides

The ocean of regulations and technology is constantly changing, and so might these Terms. We’ll post revisions on our website or in-store, so keep an eye out. Your continued use after such updates signifies your acceptance of the changes.


9. Contact & Support

Need help finding the perfect bait or have questions about our policies? Our friendly crew is always on deck! Reach out to us at or visit our store for a chat. Moreover, we’re here to make your fishing journey a smooth and successful one.


10. Terms & Conditions

Ready to set sail with Accastillage Bernard?  Let’s explore the depths of nautical knowledge, share our passion for the sport, and reel in unforgettable memories together!