Top Fishing Apps Available on iOS & Android Devices

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Fishing apps have become indispensable tools for anglers, providing valuable resources and enhancing the fishing experience on both iOS and Android devices. Many fishing enthusiasts would agree that the sport of angling is the most rewarding hobby around. There are many ways to get hooked on catching fish, either from the shore or from the boat. From bait to tackle to equipment, there are endless options to choose from. Most importantly, there’s no shortage of apps that can help you catch some action. Fishing is a very popular pastime in the US. In 2014 alone, Americans spent $23.7 million on fishing gear and related supplies. According to experts, fishing has become increasingly popular over the years. There are several fishing apps available at various price points. These include both free and paid ones, designed for both beginners and expert fishermen alike.


Top Fishing Apps Available on iOS & Android Devices

Fishing Apps

While not every fishing app will be specifically designed for you, it’s still worth checking out the reviews on each one before selecting an option. The following list includes only those apps that we have reviewed and found to be useful and reliable. They provide everything from live-streaming video to GPS maps, so make sure to download them all to find your next fishing adventure.

Fishfinder Live

Fishfinder has live streaming video support through its web version as well, which allows users to connect with other fishers who might have caught something recently on their own device without having to wait for a reply to a post. With this app, you can record all important information about your catches using a Bluetooth transmitter. It also provides a distance measurement feature, which can be used if you want to keep tabs on other boats, especially when they are close by. This app works best on a tablet device such as iPad or iPhone.

ZoomHawk Pro Live

ZoomHawk lets you stream live footage directly through its mobile app as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or 3G cell signal. While this app does not work with real-time communication features, you can use it for recording and capturing videos while on the water. When you’re ready to upload these clips, you can do so online directly via the official website. You can share your content through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Castaway App

The Castaway App was created in partnership with GoPro. It offers a variety of fishing apps aimed at the beginner crowd. One of these features makes it easy for you to view different types of fishing maps. By doing this, you can see what areas are considered dangerous, where they are located, and if they contain any particular species. Another interesting feature is that you can access the entire cast of characters available in the game. Some of these include celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr., Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Sandler, Jessica Simpson, and more.


This app supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Oryx lets you choose between indoor and outdoor mode, depending on whether you prefer to fish indoors or outdoors. When choosing the latter, you can select between “light breeze” or “heavy breeze” conditions. If the weather is calm, you may even choose fishing during nighttime hours. This app has built-in GPS mapping technology; however, it also provides an easy-to-use map interface.

Fisherman (for Android)

Fisherman is another great app that you can use while out on the water. It supports live streams directly through the user’s smartphone or tablet, allowing you to view how many fish you’ve had over the course of a day and which ones were the most productive. Users can also view the current location of their catch, as well as nearby landmarks and locations. The app gives you the opportunity to store files and data locally on your phone or tablet, either automatically or manually. Additional customization options include display size, orientation, camera speed control, and sound volume.



Now you know everything there is to know about smart devices in order to help you gain full access to your favorite sport. With a wide range of hardware options, each one with unique capabilities, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to taking advantage of the latest technologies all round – from online casino tech, to the latest fishing tech. Just remember to always check with local laws before making a purchase.



How much do fishing apps cost?

These apps come in a variety of price ranges. Depending on the type of gadget that you own, you could spend anywhere from $9.99 – $59.95 annually. On average, though, I recommend purchasing them for around $30 per year, although you can certainly find them cheaper.

Do Fishing Apps really help me get better results?

Absolutely! These apps range from simple instructional guides all the way up to full-blown simulators. There’s no reason why you cannot learn new skills by using them. Besides, who doesn’t like learning something new every now and then?

What kind of technology am I looking for?

If you aren’t sure what kind of technology you want to use, take a look at our guide to fishing apps. Most of the apps listed there offer a wide range of functionality, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that suits your needs.